The New Chapter Begins

I promised myself to blog again after the hell I’ve been through. By hell, I’m referring to school, graduation and the Bar Exams. The past two years just happened so fast – so fast, that I never even got to open my WordPress account.

Anyway, I wouldn’t bore you what happened then as I do not plan to remember the agony of what they call academic perfection and instead, I’ll tell you what happens next.

I will be traveling again! I’ll be going back to Seoul (for the third time) on November 18-22 with my two college friends. Thereafter I will be going to Durban, South Africa to visit my aunt on November 29 and will spend about 1-2 months there.

In the meantime, I’m in my couch-potato stage. I’m damn happy staying at home, watching TV and surfing the net. Sometimes, I go to the mall or meet my friends. That’s it! If you ever wonder when will I start working, my vague answer would be after South Africa.

Until then…


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