Hello 2013! Hello again blog!

I haven’t made a new entry in long time because I was very busy the past few months. For some reason, I kinda like my busy schedule because there’s no dull moment in the day.

Since it’s the new year, I’ve been thinking what was 2012 for me?

Hmmm… considering I’ve hit rock bottom 2011, I think 2012 was a good year. It was a year of transition. I made a lot of changes in my life and I have been enjoying the breath of fresh air!

Thinking further, I made a list of 2012 obsessions:

  1. PANDORA CHARMS – It started at Vietnam when my friends and I went there last May 2012. Marta bought a few charms in addition to her Pandora bracelet. Each collectible charm has a meaning behind it. Furthermore, it can be designed by my own choosing. I was fascinated by it! I want to get one in memory of my travels. I want my charms to represent each place I’ve been to. So when I went to Macau a few months after, I bought my very own Pandora bracelet. Right now, I have 6 charms from Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Manila. I’m really excited to finish the whole thing! 
  2. APPLE – I asked my brother to buy me an IPad as a birthday gift. I am not a techie, and the reason I want an IPad is for my studies. I have a lot of readings and it is difficult for me to bring all of the materials to school. The tablet is handy, practical and a perfect substitute to paper. I also love playing games in my IPad. My favorite is Subway Surfers. In addition to my IPad, I found myself having an IPhone last month. It was free from my line so why not? I really enjoy taking photos and using its apps.
  3. INSTAGRAM – Maita was the one who made my account in instagram because she noticed I was into taking pictures. It is really fun and addicting…in fact, I enjoy it more than Facebook. Thank you Maita!
  4. UNIQLO – Before this brand came to the Philippines, I was already hooked to their clothes because they are inexpensive, comfortable and in good quality. When I went to Japan, I made sure I have at least one shirt bought from Uniqlo. When the store opened in the Philippines, I was happy that their prices were almost at par with Japan. Whenever I visit SM North or Mall of Asia, I try to drop by the store to see if I have something I like.
  5. RED VELVET CUPCAKES – Yes, I joined the bandwagon! What I love about these cupcakes is that it has the simplest flavor I could ask for – no chocolates, no carrots, no banana, no nuts, etc. I love it plain as it is…and it’s red!


This year has been my craziest jet setter life. I don’t think I can top off the travels I made this year to the past or even the future years of my life! According to my 2012 planner, I have been to 8 countries, 16 cities, and applied for 4 visas. All of these travels are in Asia, to wit:

  • Brunei Darrusalam – January 2012
  • Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Hong Kong – April 2012
  • Bangkok – April 2012
  • Ho Chi Minh – May 2012
  • Osaka/Kyoto/Nara/Kobe – May 2012
  • Busan/Jeju Island – June 2012
  • Hong Kong/Macau – August 2012
  • Siem Rep – September 2012
  • Beijing – October 2012
  • Hong Kong – November 2012
  • Singapore – December 2012

Thus, I find myself broke by the end of the year.


Last year I made a resolution in my blog. I am happy that I was able to follow it. I really really avoid buying makeup and as you can see, I did travel a lot.

And since I was able to travel a LOT these past months, I’ve decided that my new year resolution would be: SAVE MORE, TRAVEL LESS.

It does not mean that I strictly won’t be travelling outside the country…but I would definitely take into consideration saving money first than buying airline tickets.

Wish me luck!


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