MAC Viva Glam Nicki

MAC Viva Glam Nicki is not yet sold in the Philippines so I got this item online ( and I am so excited to use it!!!


Raw photo of MAC Viva Glam Nicki: bright yellow pink (satin)



I was able to convince my cousin to have lunch with me one Sunday afternoon. I just told her that I made a reservation at a restaurant somewhere in Roxas Boulevard. She was actually surprised when we arrived at Hyatt Hotel and Casino as she was not expecting that my lunch treat would we be inside a 5-star hotel.

Market Cafe is located on the 3rd floor of the hotel. It was actually my friend Marta who recommended me this place. She told me that they have a great buffet selections.

We arrived before 12 noon so the place was not yet packed. We were seated by the entrance and relatively near the buffet table as well. The food looks great! There’s a wide food selection but not to the point that everything was overwhelming.

So here are some photos of the restaurant.

I love the ambiance of the place especially by the fact the natural light enters inside the restaurant. Plus points for good lighting! As for the service, I have to say that their staff were the best! Plates were taken right after we finished eating, napkins are folded everytime we come back from the buffet table, and they were even the one to offer ice, water and tea or coffee – no need to ask for it.

The food taste good and we enjoyed everything we ate. My cousin’s favorites were grilling station and the dessert bar. On the other hand, I took much love from their Japanese section and dessert bar. In fact, I actually ate sushi and sashimi…thereafter went straight to ice cream crepe! I literally skipped the main course to give way to appetizers and desserts.

Around 1pm, the place starts to fill. I think all tables were full when we were there, so I suggest to make prior reservations if you want to eat there for lunch or dinner.

Market Cafe, Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila

3rd floor, 1588 Pedro Gil corner M.H. Del Pilar, Malate Manila

(02) 245 1234

Breakfast – 6:00am to 10:30am – Daily

Lunch 12:00nn to 2:30pm – Mondays to Saturdays; 11:30am to 2:30pm – Sundays

Dinner 6:00pm to 10:00pm – Daily

Mercato Centrale at Midnight

After going to a friend’s party, Mika and I decided to drop by Mercato Centrale at Bonifacio Global City. The original plan was to go home early, but I just had to take her there for self-fulfillment purposes.

The Midnight Mercato runs from 10pm-2am every Friday and Saturday. The place is practically a food Bazaar!



We arrived there around 11pm. There were less people that night compared to other days I’ve been there. We also got lucky as we easily found an empty table for us to seat. I ate Shabu-Shabu (which was very delicious) and isaw. Mika got isaw, mini tacos, and ddeokbokki. It was actually my first time to eat ddeokbokki and it was surprisingly good! Now, I regret not trying it at Seoul when I went there last year.


After our heavy midnight snack, we decided to roam around Mercato for the last time to check for stuff to take home. We got ourselves cake and Mochi ice cream, and Mika also bought Malunggay Pandesal.


We enjoyed the great food and we will definitely be back again!!


Happy Mika after her visit to Mercato Centrale!


I have seen this dessert place in passing every time I go to Banawe, Quezon City. It got me all curious since they serve unlimited desserts for only P199.

So one free Friday, Chatti and I decided to dropby and check out the place.



Love Desserts offers ice cream, halo-halo, fruits, crepes, smoothies, milk tea, coffee, cakes, pastries, chocolate and more. They also serve ala carte food and sandwiches.

You can choose to either avail the eat all you can dessert or order ala carte. Chatti and I chose the former so at least we can try everything we like.


We went there around 2pm. The place is almost empty as we we’re the second set of customers who arrived. The cakes & pastries we’re still sealed so we we’re really delighted that we get to open everything!

I did not try a lot since I’m not into sweets anyway, but note worthy for me are the milk tea and sylvanas. I’m a fan of milk tea…so having unlimited milk tea is just heaven! I wouldn’t say that the taste is exceptional, but it’s not bad either (and again, it’s unlimited). As for the sylvanas, the taste is more buttery compared to others that I have tasted before. I like it.


Chatti ate the eclairs and cream puff. She told me that it’s a bit dry because the filings are nominal.

The ice cream they use is Big Scoop, and they serve six different flavors.

They also have a chocolate fondue and made to order crepe. As for the crepe, you can choose your own fillings and toppings.

Around, 4pm onwards, the place starts to fill. Love Desserts was packed with professionals (in a meeting), students, family with their kids, and group of friends.


In our stay there, Chatti and I agreed that the place is a good place to chill especially when you’re in the mood for sweets. The price is reasonable and the choices was fair enough.


Love Desserts

915 Banawe Street, Cor. G. Roxas beside Brunos Barber, Quezon City, Philipines

Tel no: 348.3551 or 585.6225

Store Hours

Monday-Thursday: 11am-11pm

Friday-Saturday: 11am-12am

Sunday: 12nn-11pm

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil

Two of the most popular items of Shu Uemura, a Japanese cosmetics brand, would have to be their eyelash curler and cleansing oils. I never tried their eyelash curler but my friend attested that they are really amazing.

The Product

Anyway, my post is all about their cleansing oils which I am raving right now. I’ve been using this item for weeks and I am loving every drop of it.


It was my mom who first bought a 100ml cleansing beauty oil premium a/o advance formula (green) at Duty Free Philippines last year. She told me to use it as it can wipe of make-up easily. I did not try it since I was happy using my other make-up removing products. There was one time though, my waterproof mascara won’t come off so I had to use this product.

Alas, it really does work like magic! Not only did the waterproof mascara dissolve, it also wiped off other make-up residue from my skin. I really can tell, because my face was glowing after using it. The only downside is that I don’t like the feel of it as I put it in my face. The viscosity of the liquid feels like I’m putting cooking oil in my face.

Thereafter, I bought my own 100ml of Shu Uemura fresh pore clarifying gentle cleansing oil (pink). I prefer this one as it is more lightweight and focused on pore clarifying. It clears my open pores better and it doesn’t have the funky feeling of putting cooking oil in my face. This is the right cleansing oil for me. I love it!


  1. Use 3-4 pumps of cleansing oil on dry hands
  2. Spread gently and thoroughly over dry face (with makeup on)
  3. Add a few drops of lukewarm water to face to emulsify. The will then turn to milky white
  4. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water


Both cleansing oils are bought from Duty Free Philippines for $26 each. I haven’t checked how much are these at retail stores in Manila but I’m sure it’s more expensive.