As an advance birthday celebration, I took my cousin out for lunch at 7 Corners. It was my first time going there but I knew the place will be good since I read a lot of positive reviews about it. Hence, we drove all the way to Ortigas just to eat there!

Seven Corners is the international buffet restaurant of Crown Plaza located at the 2nd floor of the hotel.

After checking the whole 7 corners, I went straight ahead to the Japanese section to get some sushi and sashimi. For the salmon and tuna sashimi, the slices are given upon request. Beside the Japanese section is the seafood section. I was so happy that they have lobster! I have never seen lobster being offered in a hotel buffet before (unless if it is seafood night.)

There are a lot of choices! In fact, I ate a piece of almost everything – steak, pasta, soup, dumplings, roti, etc.

They have ice cream teppanyaki for dessert. I didn’t try it though. I still prefer ice cream crepe over it. Nevertheless, I enjoyed their chocolate fondue, creme brulee and fresh fruits.

My cousin really enjoyed my treat. She told me that 7 Corners would probably be second on her list of favorite restaurant. I would love to go back there with my family one of these days. I’m sure they would enjoy eating there.


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