I have been to Midas Hotel a couple of times. In fact Midas Cafe is one of my favorite restaurants in Metro Manila. So when a group buying site offered an eat all you can Japanese Buffet for P399 at Midas Hotel, I bought 5 vouchers for my family without thinking twice.

Yanagi restaurant is located at the Mezzanine of Midas Hotel. It is one among the few restaurants located at this hotel.



In truth, I was not expecting much from this deal. In fact I was not expecting a lot of food to be served considering the price I paid for. A P399/person Japanese buffet in a 5-star restaurant is quite cheap. To good to be true right? Hence, I was just anticipating that the food served is as enumerated in the deal – assorted tempura (Fish, Shrimp & Vegetables), assorted Maki, Sukiyaki, Gohan (rice), assorted fresh fruits, and unlimited tea and coffee. I even prepped my family about it because they might have high expectations from the restaurant.


Alas, I am correct! Only the food enumerated in the deal are served at the buffet. Its just a small spread of assorted sushi, vegetables, mashed potato and sukiyaki. The rice and tempura, however, are served per table. In short you have to order from the waiter if you want another round.

The tempura and sushi taste common. The beef in the sukiyaki was good but their soup base is sweeter than the normal. The Japanese rice is very good! I’m sure the rice eaters would love it.





The restaurant is small compared to Midas Cafe. The place is a bit cramped for me. You can hear other people’s conversation at the other side of the table. Also, the waiters/waitresses are all over the place. I would partly blame the craziness of the place because of the part sit-down dinner part buffet style the restaurant offers.


I would have to commend their service. It was easy to call a waiter/waitress and all our request were given. The waiting time for an order of tempura is reasonable enough.


It was an okay experience. There was nothing spectacular about the food but I think I got what I paid for. Would I buy again? Probably not. I would rather spend a few more hundred pesos at another restaurant (such as Yakimix) where there a lot of choices. I did not regret buying the deal though. It was after all a 5-star experience, but I’m not just doing it again.


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