As an advance birthday celebration, I took my cousin out for lunch at 7 Corners. It was my first time going there but I knew the place will be good since I read a lot of positive reviews about it. Hence, we drove all the way to Ortigas just to eat there!

Seven Corners is the international buffet restaurant of Crown Plaza located at the 2nd floor of the hotel.

After checking the whole 7 corners, I went straight ahead to the Japanese section to get some sushi and sashimi. For the salmon and tuna sashimi, the slices are given upon request. Beside the Japanese section is the seafood section. I was so happy that they have lobster! I have never seen lobster being offered in a hotel buffet before (unless if it is seafood night.)

There are a lot of choices! In fact, I ate a piece of almost everything – steak, pasta, soup, dumplings, roti, etc.

They have ice cream teppanyaki for dessert. I didn’t try it though. I still prefer ice cream crepe over it. Nevertheless, I enjoyed their chocolate fondue, creme brulee and fresh fruits.

My cousin really enjoyed my treat. She told me that 7 Corners would probably be second on her list of favorite restaurant. I would love to go back there with my family one of these days. I’m sure they would enjoy eating there.



I have been to Midas Hotel a couple of times. In fact Midas Cafe is one of my favorite restaurants in Metro Manila. So when a group buying site offered an eat all you can Japanese Buffet for P399 at Midas Hotel, I bought 5 vouchers for my family without thinking twice.

Yanagi restaurant is located at the Mezzanine of Midas Hotel. It is one among the few restaurants located at this hotel.



In truth, I was not expecting much from this deal. In fact I was not expecting a lot of food to be served considering the price I paid for. A P399/person Japanese buffet in a 5-star restaurant is quite cheap. To good to be true right? Hence, I was just anticipating that the food served is as enumerated in the deal – assorted tempura (Fish, Shrimp & Vegetables), assorted Maki, Sukiyaki, Gohan (rice), assorted fresh fruits, and unlimited tea and coffee. I even prepped my family about it because they might have high expectations from the restaurant.


Alas, I am correct! Only the food enumerated in the deal are served at the buffet. Its just a small spread of assorted sushi, vegetables, mashed potato and sukiyaki. The rice and tempura, however, are served per table. In short you have to order from the waiter if you want another round.

The tempura and sushi taste common. The beef in the sukiyaki was good but their soup base is sweeter than the normal. The Japanese rice is very good! I’m sure the rice eaters would love it.





The restaurant is small compared to Midas Cafe. The place is a bit cramped for me. You can hear other people’s conversation at the other side of the table. Also, the waiters/waitresses are all over the place. I would partly blame the craziness of the place because of the part sit-down dinner part buffet style the restaurant offers.


I would have to commend their service. It was easy to call a waiter/waitress and all our request were given. The waiting time for an order of tempura is reasonable enough.


It was an okay experience. There was nothing spectacular about the food but I think I got what I paid for. Would I buy again? Probably not. I would rather spend a few more hundred pesos at another restaurant (such as Yakimix) where there a lot of choices. I did not regret buying the deal though. It was after all a 5-star experience, but I’m not just doing it again.



I just got back from Bukidnon with a few friends. While we were there, Kajo and I bought a few goodies to take home for Maita. Today, we met her for lunch at Il Terrazzo Tomas Morato, Quezon City so we can give our pasalubong to her.

Il Terrazzo is a convenient place for the three of us to meet since it’s halfway from our houses. I’m also curious to see this place since I haven’t been there in a long time.

To my surprise, a lot of things really changed. Nevertheless,  I am delighted by these changes. First of all, Banapple moved to a bigger location just beside their old store. The place has more tables now and is less cramped. In fact, they even have a private room available for events. So cool! Second, Il Terrazzo has Gong Cha and Bon Chon on the same floor.



The three of us had lunch at Banapple. I was planning to take home some Banoffee Pie after but Maita told us that she’ll take us to another dessert place instead.

After a few chit-chats and empty plates, we went to the dessert place Maita recommended. It’s just across Il Terrazzo, beside Belo Medical Group and Army Navy. The name of the restaurant is Fleur de Lys. I have seen this place a few times but I never got a chance to try it.


The restaurant has two floors. The first floor is a small area allotted for their counter/cashier.


The second floor has wider space full of tables for their customers. The place is cozy and well lighten. The stairs is a bit steep though.

As for the desserts, Maita chose The Next Best Thing (Warm Chocolate Cake w/ Caramel Sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream, P128 mini) and Best Kept C-cret (Caramel Chocolate & Yema Cream on Soft Chiffon Cake, P115 slice).


Next Best Thing


Best Kept C-cret

They are so yummy! It’s not your piece of cake available at your nearest coffee shop. It’s the best slice of a not-so-common cake. I was really happy that Maita took me here with Kajo.

Around two in the afternoon, the three of us parted ways.

Before going home, I still went to Rustan’s Supermarket to buy some toiletries and afterwards went to the nail salon for a much needed mani & ped.

I was feeling adventurous today so I wanted to try a new nail salon. Upon Maita’s recommendation, I tried Spa 101. Maita is a Timog branch client, but since I live near Banawe, I availed their services in their Banawe branch. For P450, I got the Tickle My Fancy Package which include manicure, pedicure and footspa. I also availed their eyebrow threading for P150. I did enjoy my stay there. I guess it’s another nail salon on my top list.


I don’t really go to Ortigas because it’s far from home. However, there are certain circumstances that would warrant me to drive all the way there, which I did today….for a matter of a dozen donuts!

J.CO Donuts is an Indonesian brand which recently opened at SM Megamall.


I was never a fan of donuts and the real reason that opted me to check out the place is because I made a promise to my friend Riz that I would check it out on my free time.



When I arrived, I was surprised to see a lot of people in the store. In fact, they sell donuts so fast it’s like they’re selling pandesal in the morning! Just after a few minutes, the rack would be empty. Nevertheless, they replenish their stocks constantly.

The donuts are guaranteed fresh and the toppings are made from scratch. From the counter, you can see the bakers melt chocolate and put the filings inside the donuts. It was truly an interesting view on how everything was made.


And since I’m new to the brand, I bought their J.POPS Baby Donuts so I can try everything! A box of these assorted bites-size donuts cost P250. It’s really the best choice for those customers who just want to try every flavor on the menu.

Again stated, I am not a fan of donuts so I don’t have much expectation from these babies. I just wanted to try them out of curiosity.

Upon tasting, I said to myself “wow, this is good!” The factor that separates J.CO from other stores is that their donuts are not too sweet. I mean it! You can eat out a whole box without feeling diabetic after. Moreover, their donuts differ in taste.You can distinguish one flavor from the other. Hindi siya puro lasang matamis lang.


I would definitely buy again! I am looking forward to their Trinoma and Mall of Asia branch opening.


I told mom that I would treat her for lunch one Friday afternoon. In truth, I availed a Deal Grocer voucher for a lunch buffet at Alba Restaurante Español for P450 per person (originally P715). I seldom go to a Spanish restaurant, and it would be my first time eating here so I’m thrilled to try their cuisine.


the buffet table is at the end of the room

I made reservations two days earlier, but upon entry it seems that the waiters were not aware that I made one. Fortunately, it was not a problem since there were many vacant tables.

The food was great…not too many selections, but GREAT! They have the best Lengua Estofado I have ever tasted. I would say better than Conti’s and Casa Armas. The salad, paella, pasta, fish fillet and chicken cordon bleu are also worth mentioning. They also have dessert selections – about 3 or 4 dessert to choose from.

Lengua Estofado of Alba Restaurante Español

Considering that there are only few Spanish Restaurants in Manila, I would probably consider Alba as one of the best. Offering a buffet selection was a good marketable idea. In this way, I can choose portions of food that I want to eat instead of ordering ala carte. Ofcourse it would have been impractical for a group of two to order one paella, right?

I think the P900 voucher I bought at Deal Grocer is money well spent. I would definitely buy again if they would have another deal. However, I don’t see myself going to Alba just for the heck of it. I’m not the type of person who craves Spanish cuisine, so I guess I’ll probably just eat here if there will be promotional rates.


After ditching Patricia’s pre-birthday party, she invited me to a dinner at Amici with our other friends who were also absent in the said event. It’s actually my first time eating at this restaurant so I’m a bit excited to try their food

Good thing about Amici Tomas Morato, Quezon City is that they have valet! Finding an empty parking space around Tomas Morato is bothersome so it’s really added points to restaurants that offers valet parking.


We went there on a Monday night so the tables were not full. The place was spacious and neat. It is also a good place for long conversations considering we were there for more than two hours. I don’t like the color of the place though, especially the chairs. For some reason, I think they chose a cheap shade of yellow and green for an Italian restaurant.

As for the food, well these are what we ate:


Mozzarella Fritto


Insalata Con Ricotta Fritti


Margherita Pizza


Spaghetti Alla Carbonara


Spaghetti Alla Bolognese


Ravioli di Pesce Mousseline


Peach Walnut Ice Cream Cake


Rouge Ice Cream Cake


Chocolate Cake

We loved the Bolognese and Carbonara. The ravioli was nothing spectacular, except the fact that it’s color green (just like the chairs). What is really worth mentioning though is the Peach Walnut Ice Cream cake. It’s really good! I can see myself dropping by Amici one of these days for a slice. I’m not a fan of strawberry so I really have nothing to tell about the Rouge Ice Cream Cake, though my friends who took a bite of it said that it was good. I guess we were really mesmerized by the ice cream cakes! The chocolate cake is also good. It’s like the Classic Chocolate Cake sold at Starbucks Coffee. The rest of the food was okay.

As for the service, we didn’t have any problems, except that they don’t have the cream based ravioli we ordered (Sorry, I forgot the name). That is why we opted for Ravioli di Pesce Mousseline as a second choice.

Despite the fact that most of their food was “okay”, I would probably go here again when I’m craving for pizza and pasta. A doze of an ice cream cake wouldn’t hurt also.


Finally I was able to eat in this restaurant! I have been intrigued by this place ever since it opened at Mall of Asia. Thus, I finally got a chance to try their ravioli and pizza…and it was worth it!


Lorenz and I ordered Italian Sausage Ravioli in Romesco Sauce, Spinach and Feta Cheese Ravioli in Pesto Sauce and Shrimp and Basil Pesto Pizza. The raviolis were good (considering it’s my first time eating it), but I have to commend their pizza for it’s excellent taste!


Italian Sausage Ravioli in Romesco Sauce


Spinach and Feta Cheese Ravioli in Pesto Sauce


Shrimp and Basil Pesto Pizza

I would definitely be back again!

To check out their Menu, Branches, and other information, visit their site at http://www.bistroravioli.com/