Shopping is my favorite past time! For the past months I have been raving a couple of stuffs that I wanted to share.

You might want to try it because I can assure you, you will love it!

1. Hua Mulan Combs – Their combs are made from 100% natural materials such as wood, ox or goat horns. It also prevents falling hair, white hair, split ends, dandruff, and relieves migraine and headaches.

2. VMV Hypoallergenics, Blemish Buster Facial – I get breakouts after facial so I just rely on deep exfoliating products for my blackheads and whiteheads. After reading good reviews from their products and services, I tried their facial hoping I won’t get any pimples after. I was pleased with their service but what really made me more happy is that I didn’t get any breakouts!

3. Gong Cha Winter Melon Milk Tea – This brand is not new to milk tea addicts. I first tried Gong Cha during their soft opening. I was disappointed of their Milk Tea w/ Pearl because it’s too sweet despite ordering it with less sugar. The second time, I ordered Chocolate Milk tea. It was another fail simply because I did not like the taste. On my third attempt, I tried their Gong Cha Winter Melon Milk Tea. After one gulp, I became a fan! It’s the best Winter Melon Milk Tea I have ever tasted.

4. Yves Rocher – It was actually mom who got all curious at this store. I have seen this store in passing but I have never entered it on the notion that I can’t afford their products. To my surprise, their prices were affordable! Well not exactly affordable to Philippines standards, but affordable in the sense that it’s cheaper than any other European skincare and cosmetic brand. On my first visit, I was able to buy three products for P995. Aside from cosmetics, the place also has a wide variety of skincare products. It’s much like The Body Shop but only cheaper, and less common.

5. Holly’s Coffee, Iced Vanilla Latte –  Their coffee is new to my taste buds. So if I’m bored having a coffee at my next door Starbucks or CBTL, I go here for a drink.

6. Muji – This Japanese brand offers a lot of COOL stuff. It is also a haven for OC freaks like me. The prices are a bit steep though. Nevertheless, I like their travel organizers and pens.


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