I went to Taft Avenue to meet Lorenz. I have no class that day and he’s off for work. I agreed to meet him there because I was suppose to meet another friend later in the evening at the same area. So it’s hitting two birds with one stone.

Turns out, Lorenz’ picked the venue for another reason…. Voucher redeeming day!

He told me to meet him at Zark’s burger. Thanks to his availed voucher, we were able to consume 2 burgers, 2 fries, nachos and drinks… and another take-out burger for a whopping P500. The burger was surprisingly good.


Thank you Lorenz for the treat!

Afterwards, he told me that he will redeem another voucher at Chatime. I was not in the mood for milk tea so I got myself an Iced Vanilla Latte at Holly’s Coffee instead. We stayed there about an hour and a half just talking.


So around 7 in the evening we parted ways. I left him at Cello’s since he has another voucher to redeem there. Talk about hitting three birds with one stone!

Thank you Lorenz for the day. Next time Greenbelt!


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