I know it’s a little late but I just have to take note of tips, guide, experience, etc. while I was in KK.

  • Kota Kinabalu is also known as Sabah located south of the Philippines. It is part of Malaysia
  • There are two direct flights from the Philippines to KK. First is Airasia departing from Clark airport. Second is Cebu Pacific Air departing from NAIA Terminal 3
  • If you’re flying Cebu Pacific Air, expect late departure due to air traffic
  • Don’t expect a grande/luxurious international airport when you arrive in KK. It’s a typical/simple airport
  • Finger printing is done in the Immigration
  • English is widely used
  • 1 MYR is about 14 PHP
  • Taxi coupons are bought at the arrival area. They have a flat rate of 30 MYR from airport to the hotel
  • Almost all the tourist attraction, shopping malls, hotels, spas are within the vicinity. You can even walk around KK to reach your destination. However, due to the hot weather, it’s more convenient to take the taxi
  • Taxis in KK have meters but is not often used by the drivers. Make a deal first regarding fare before riding.
  • Taxi fare usually cost 10-15 MYR depending on the destination. Haggle!
  • Hotels in KK usually offer free breakfast
  • Most of the hotels offer tours as well
  • However, I discourage you to book for an Island hopping tour through a travel agent because you can a avail a cheaper deal at the Jesselton Point.
  • Renting a speed boat at Jesselton Point would cost around 65 MYR per person
  • Pearls in the Filipino market is more expensive compared to the ones sold at Greenhills Shopping Center in Manila
  • Batik cost 12-15 MYR in the Filipino market
  • Shopping malls offer great items especially when they are on sale. It’s even cheaper in the Philippines
  • Chicken Rice Shop is always full
  • Try the Malay milk tea and Borneo coffee
  • Avail the best foot massage in South Sea Sanctuary
  • Go to KK on a Sunday..so you can see their Sunday market
  • People in KK are very nice and hospitable!!!
  • There are a lot of Filipinos who migrated to KK from Zamboanga and Sulu.
  • Chinese Restaurant offer pork
  • If you’re flying Cebu Pacific back to Manila, expect a late departure as well.

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