I know it’s cliche, but it will be my first time to actually make a new year resolution. Thus, I’m really eager to fulfill it.

  1. Buy less make-up – I am a self confessed beauty junkie so it’s really difficult for me to actually obliterate make-up purchases throughout the year notwithstanding the fact that my make-up stash is enough to last for two years. I have to qualify using the word “less” in my resolution not because of the fact that I could not help myself buy beauty stuff when I see one. You see, I will be traveling for Japan and Korea this summer…and what better way to enjoy these countries than buy there super nice cosmetics! In short, the word “less” is really for hoarding purposes.
  2. Save more money for travel – I am continuously filling my calendar for international and domestic travel with friends and family. Of course I have to save up for the expenses of travel.
  3. Make proper documentation – I would take down all great experiences I will have this year in my planner. I didn’t bother writing much in my planner for the past few years. I did regret it because it’s all now a wasted memory. Furthermore, I plan proper documentation by taking more pictures when I’m out with family and friends. This includes normal days night out and not just those special occasions.

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