Since it is almost the end of the year, I have been thinking all the obsessions I had this 2011. Thus, these are the following:

1. Group Buying Site – I did buy a lot of stuff here, however, I limited my purchase to food and services. My aunt and uncle from the States visited the Philippines for a month. Prior to their arrival, I did collect a lot of eat-all-you-can buffet vouchers. I really wanted to take them out in a nice place taking into consideration my financial capacity. So what did I buy?

  • 6 vouchers at Barbara’s Restaurant,
  • 6 vouchers at Riviera Cafe (Heritage Hotel)
  • 6 vouchers at Cafe Midas (Midas Hotel),
  • 6 vouchers at Seasons (Manila Pavilion Hotel), and
  • 4 vouchers at Cafe Jeepney (Intercontinental Hotel)
I have to say, the best was Midas Cafe. I love to go back there again!
For the services, I did avail salon and spa treatments. I only bought vouchers in those establishments that I am familiar with or I am a regular client thereof.
A piece of advise to those people who would purchase deals from the net, If you found a good deal but you’re unfamiliar with the establishment, better read reviews first before clicking “BUY”. Also, try avoiding vacation & travel deals if your schedule is not that flexible.
2. FINO Leatherware – I was never a fan of buying leatherette goods. No matter how nice it is, I won’t buy if I know that the material won’t last long. I’d rather buy an expensive bag that I can use for a lifetime than buy a cheap one that I can only use a couple of months. Anyway back to FINO..the brand was an influence by my friend Maita whom I have to say knows her leather well. So I checked the place when they had a sale. I found out that aside from bags, they also sell other goods such as card case, passport holder, checkbook holder, coin purse, keychain, and many more. I was so addicted that the next thing I know, I was purchasing Christmas gifts in early December. I even influenced my friend Marcus to the brand. He really loves the cardholder I gave him for his birthday. I’m really sure that I’ll be collecting a lot of stuff from FINO in the near future.
3. Blackberry – I did own a blackberry as early as 2010. However, I never really opened my BB social until late this year. Alas, hello world!
4. 2011 Belle De Jour Planner – They have a planner every year which includes freebies. Of all their planners, I think the 2011 book bound edition was the best in all aspects. I really did make a good use of my planner this year.
5. Scarf – I added this accessory to my wardrobe. Before I had no appreciation of using a scarf before, but now I find it practical to wear. It can perk up my outfit and shrug off the changing weather. In lieu of my addiction to scarves, I have been reading and watching videos on different ways to tie a scarf! Good thing I haven’t strangled myself while practicing..yet.
6. Milk Tea – Yes, I did join the trend. I was an avid fan of milk tea even before the hype. I thought that my love for milk tea would die out this year, but it has been my stable “happy drink”…hence, I have to include it in my list.
7. Travel – Last time I went out of the country was back in 2007 during my second year in college. My  friends and I were bound for Europe for a conference then. After three years of travel hiatus, I grab all the opportunity to travel with family and friends this year. So where did I go? Shanghai, 3 times in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Seoul. By the end of December, I’ll be going to Kota KInabalu as well. *excited*
8. Laser Hair Removal – I have ugly lower leg hair! So there was one time I asked Ate Marivic if she knows any spa where I could go to remove it. She referred Skin Rejuve located at 116 Kamias Road, Quezon City. I availed 10 sessions of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal Treatment during their soft opening. I got a good price for it considering I’m their first client. My cousin also availed the treatment. I have been going to Skin Rejuve with my cousin every 21-28 days to get an IPL. I have to say, I’m really happy with the results.
9. Pichi-Pichi – This is a Filipino dessert made from grated cassava. I was never a fan of Filipino dessert except leche flan, but there was one time I got so addicted to it. Well it was Agi who bought a whole container of pichi-pichi from Arny & Dadings. All of my friends we’re so addicted to it…and so was I. How addicted? I even got to a point where I googled establishments that sells the best pichi-pichi in town, then afterwards check the nearest branch near our house. Even Agi sometimes brings pichi-pichi for me at school. Thanks Agi! Luckily, my cravings subsided but I have to admit that sometimes, I just would love to have a bite of Amber’s pichi-pichi!
10. Reading Blogs – I think this is another reason that also motivated me to make my own blog. I really enjoyed reading Mika’s blog. I also read a lot of beauty blogs since I’m very interested in make-up. Hmmm… maybe I should make an entry about make-up sometimes.

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